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What will you learn in this Java Course?

Basics of Programming in java.

JVM. JIT AND Runtime environment & First Program and Env Setup.
Java Main method and System out & Access specifier and scope.
Datatypes in Java

Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) Concept in Java

Inheritance & Polymorphism.

Conditional operator and loop Section

if - else conditions and use.
Conditional operator and For loop.
Conditional operator and while loop.

Multy Dimensional Array And polymorphism and Inheritance

Array declaration And Multy Dimensional Array

Abstract class and Interface with Java 8 features

Abstract class and Interface.
Exception handling in Java.
Threading basic concepts.
Stream API - Java 8 Stream
Date and TIME - Java 8 API
Predicates and Optional class
Functional interface and Lambda
Static and Default methods in Interface
Modular programming with Java 9

Java Thread Programming And String

Thread Programming
Data Structure - Searching Algorithms
Data Structure - Sorting Algorithms
Data Structure -Tree and Hash table
Thread Executors
Future object and call method
File handling and scanner class
Regex with String

Most Important Topics of This Course.

Java database connectivity
JDBC driver
app development with Postgres
Garbage Collection and GC algorithm
Java concurrency and threading
Java memory management and JVM
Collection API - List,SET and MAP
Concurrent Collection

Bonus - Support

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Community support and association with java experts
Books and PDF for learning

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Aashish, is very Friendly and enthusiastic trainer who is very well organized, driven and effective at using efficient methods of teaching while focusing on Individual needs of each participant.
He is an Innovator and a leading entrepreneur with 14 years of experience in the Software Industry. Experienced in all aspects of training-related businesses. Visionary product developer with deep education in research and development. Effective communicator and motivator who identifies and leverages assets in teammates to reach organizational goals.

He has proven records working with CMM5 leading firms and largest banks in industry. He served as most innovative and technical professional in software industry. He is also current associated with some of the firms for training and solutioning.